“Seijinshiki” (Coming-of-Age Ceremonies)!!

“Seijinshiki” (Coming-of-Age Ceremonies)

Japanese celebrate turning 20 with seijinshiki, or coming-of-age ceremonies. Held on Coming of Age Day on the second Monday in January, young men and women dress in suits and kimonos to attend events held throughout the country.

Commencing Life as Adults

Each year in January, young men and women—those who have turned hatachi, or 20 years old—gather at public halls, community centers, and other venues across the country to celebrate crossing the threshold into adulthood. The age of majority, when children legally join society as adults, is 20 in Japan. Many local governments and public organizations host seijinshiki or coming-of-age ceremonies to honor this passage, inviting all the young adults reaching the milestone during the concurrent school year. Newly minted seijin, or adults, attend events dressed in formal attire and take part in programs that commonly include speeches by local officials and well-known community figures, a reception, and the presentation of mementos commemorating the occasion.   Read More---