How do you know what you know?

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by Jenny Gillett

What impact did theory of knowledge (TOK) have on your experience of the IB Diploma Programme? How does TOK continue to impact your life beyond the DP?

To get involved, join us on social media by sharing your response including both #IB50and @iborganization. We will be looking for the best responses to feature as part our 50th anniversary exploration of TOK. You can also write to us directly.

TOK plays a special role in the DP, challenging students to question their own perspectives and assumptions, and providing an opportunity for them to reflect on the question of how we know what we know. For many students TOK is the quintessential IB course, tying together the entire DP experience. Many graduates tell us that TOK continues to influence them and their thinking as they have moved forward to the next stages of their lives. Here are some TOK perspectives, to help get you thinking about your own experience:     READ MORE----