How does CAS impact students, educators and life beyond IB?

If you’ve heard of the IB Diploma Programme (DP), you might also have heard of CAS*, one of the cornerstones of the programme. If you haven’t, before we get to the research, here’s a mini introduction.

What is CAS?

All DP students participate in CAS, as part of the unique DP learner experience. CAS involves students in a range of activities, such as artistic expression, sports and community service, to accompany and support academic studies.

So, now to the research. What do students, teachers, and alumni think about CAS and its perceived outcomes?

Researchers at the University of Bath have investigated the impact of CAS through the perceptions of those involved in the programme, past, and present. Surveys were collected from nearly 8,000 students, almost 500 CAS Coordinators and more than 900 DP alumni across the world.