Zoom-Up Math by Z-kai future success in STEM!!

Our Philosophy

Z-kai will continue to contribute to social innovation and progress through our educational services, developing the skills and competencies needed to create future global leaders.

Our History

Z-kai offers educational services in Japan from its inception in 1931, particularly focused on developing challenging material for advanced and gifted preK-12 students.
In the past forty years, over 1/3 of the students who passed the entrance examination to the University of Tokyo, which is the most competitive higher education institution in Japan, have made use of our services to achieve their success.

Through experiences serving more than 200,000 Japanese students each year, Z-kai has learned that it is better for students to solve a limited number of well-thought-out problems rather than numerous less-challenging ones. In this way, students’ mathematical knowledge, thinking skills, and processing are maximized and made more flexible. We will contribute to raising mathematics educational standards not only in Japan but also in the United States by offering our world leading quality materials.

How good is Japanese Math?

▶ Japan regularly scores in the top five in global mathematics test (OECD PISA) ▶ US was ranked 38th in the 2015 OECD test
▶ Japanese Math is known for the basis of Singaporean Math
▶ Japanese Math helps:

-Develop problem-solving skills
-Cultivate abilities to think mathematically
-Apply existing knowledge to complex problems -Stimulate mathematical and intellectual curiosity

  • ▶  Tailored to develop skills for future success in STEM such as: -Mathematical thinking-Problem solving
  • ▶  All the strengths of Japanese Math
  • ▶  Proven curriculum used by top 20% of students in Japan
  • ▶  Carefully crafted to optimize each student’s understanding and perseverance
  • ▶  Less questions to focus on depth of understanding rather than breadthof completion and repetition
  • ▶  Builds confidence and motivation
  • ▶  Aligned with Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M, 2010)Well-designed story problems
  • ▶  Designed to be relevant to students’daily lives
  • ▶  Helps improving English literacyStrong foundation for algebra and geometry
    • ▶  Well-structured for algebra and geometry in middle school and beyond
    • ▶  Properties to explore effective, efficient, and accurate calculation strategies
    • ▶  Geometry problems to develop visual-spatial reasoning and to apply calculation strategies

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