60 Habbits You Formed In Japan That Will Never Work In Other Country

Even though remembered afterwards, I don’t care. In Chinese  says “People do not take any articles left by the wayside and that doors are not bolted at night”, and that is Japan.
2. Think all policeman are kind and friendly. They joke with you and even would lend you money to take taxi.

3. Have no idea what a counterfeit money is because there is no such thing in Japan.

4. Never lock my bicycle when stopping by somewhere for errands. Things never get stolen even I leave my belongings on the bicycle.

5. Drink the tap water whenever feel thirsty.

6. Never count the change I got from the cashier. Anyway, there is never shortchange.

7. Bow to everyone even strangers. In Japan, it’s common to be bowed.

8. Never double check the quality of the purchased product on the spot, even laptop. There is no fake in Japan.

9. Never look around while crossing the road.

10. Polish shoes once every half year.

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