APU Virtual Mini University Program!!


The current pandemic has significantly impacted our plans for the future." The nature of human interactions, from physical contact to socio-economic discourse and activities, is undergoing a significant upheaval. As a student trying to envision a future amidst all these changes, it is natural to have concerns over what you need to learn and how you can make a better future for yourself and future generations.

APU invites you to join us in this series of twelve sessions, where our professors will explore various facets of culture, society and business, and how they affect your world. In addition to having a virtual university experience, you will also be able to communicate and interact with a select group of high school students from around the world and discuss global issues in interactive break-out sessions. 

Through this program, we offer you the chance to deepen your multicultural understanding through intercultural communication while traversing through a variety of themes, with the intent that you will be able to enrich society at large. There are many ways to contribute to the global community. How will you do your part?


You may register for as many as 7 sessions, but participation may be limited based on availability.

DATES:Every Saturday from October 24 to December 12, 2020
TIME:18:00-19:30 Japan Standard Time
The times on the October 24 and December 12 differ from the regular schedule. Check the program details below for the exact times.
PROGRAM FEE:Free of charge
LOCATION:Online (further details will be sent to successful applicants)