About 4 Weeks of Your Challenge!!

Around 150 years ago, two groups of Japanese students came to University College London (UCL) from Choshu and Satsuma. They are known as Choshu-Five and Satsuma-19, which includes Hirobumi Ito (First Prime Minister of Japan), Kaoru Inoue (First Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan), Akinori Mori (First Minister of Education of Japan), Tomoatsu Godai (Founder of Osaka Chamber of Commerce). After returning Japan, they had significant contribution to establish current modern Japan.

UCL cerebrates this history in association with many Japanese partners including universities, high schools, and industries. As a part of the celebration, UCL created a spacial summer school, “UCL-Japan Young Challenge” in 2015. UCL warmly invites Japanese and UK high school students and teachers to this summer school. In this school, the students and teachers participate into various educational activities/events. These include lectures by  professors of UCL and Cambridge, symposium, language lessons. In particular, we organise “UCL-Japan Grand Challenge Workshop” ‘In the footsteps of the pioneers: new pioneers in dialogue’ which offers great opportunities for Japanese and UK high school students discuss together about 6 types of global problems (UCL Grand Challenge) with guidance of UCL professors. We firmly believe that the participants will have excellent international experience in top world universities of UCL and University of Cambridge.

With regard the outbreak of COVID-19, the summer school was about to be cancelled this year: however, contribution of many volunteers and lecturers enabled summer school program that is completely online.